Friday Feb 23
What’s Your Preferred Internet Password?
Updated on Saturday, 23 May 2009 12:05

Oh, so what; you’re not going to tell me?

It should be fine for me to ask, Priceline does…

I’ve seen references to a ‘popular travel site’ using this question from years ago, but I certainly never expected to see this in 2009. When you log in to the site, it asks for your email address and your security question (or as they call it, your sign in question). I was shocked when I used Priceline to book recent travel to the West Coast and had to set my login preferences.

One of the options under personal information is to set your security question to “What is your preferred internet password?”. I’d have to say that’s irresponsible AT BEST.

Well, at least it’s a secure https page, right? ;)


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