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Trusted Infrastructure at NSA’s Trusted Computing Conference
Updated on Tuesday, 31 January 2012 12:31

Next week, I’ll be presenting on trusted infrastructure at the 2nd Annual NSA Trusted Computing Conference  in Orlando. This year’s focus is Using COTS technologies to deliver decisive defensive advantage.

Although a seemingly unlikely venue for this talk, it actually fits in quite nicely, adding a touch of network and infrastructure to a mostly platform-centric security topic. The presentation I’m delivering is centered on a topic I haven’t written or blogged about much so far – the IEEE 802.1X standard, specifically the new 802.1X-2010 (formerly referred to here as 802.1X-REV).

During this discussion, I’ll guide attendees through changes in the 1X standard that add a host of innovative and desirable features to a standard that has, thus far, been a great concept, but lacking in grandeur. I’m finding myself getting keyed up again at the prospect of this new revision taking off. Also included are some parallels and integrations between these standards and TPM.

Read more here  about why I think 802.1X-2010 is the beginning of the next big thing!

Retaliation: Breaking Attack Vectors with a Trusted Infrastructure
Jennifer (Jabbusch) Minella, Carolina Advanced Digital
Examine new and emerging standards to build a trusted network infrastructure able to thwart spoofing, eavesdropping and malicious attacks that compromise integrity and availability of systems on local, wide area and wireless networks. Learn about the new MACSec encryption, key exchange, network advertisements and device identity (IEEE 802.1X-2010,AE/af/AR), plus TNC integrations.
Tuesday, 16:45, Developing Trusted Computing Solutions track

Along with my session (Tuesday afternoon) you’ll also find a slew of great talks from a variety of federal agency representatives and members of TNC/TCG. If you’re attending the conference, I strongly suggest you check out this list of talks on Trusted Computing Group’s event site. If you’re not sure what to attend, these are guaranteed to be winners. .

Visit the NSA Trusted Computing Conference event site at .

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