Thursday Feb 22
On Working Smarter, and Harder
Updated on Tuesday, 31 January 2012 12:21

The subtitle reads These books that lead you to believe that you can achieve success by simply working smarter and not harder are lying.

Finally! Someone has written a great, succinct post that embodies my feelings of all the assertions that we should “work smarter, not harder” and reduce our output to an “X-hour work week.” That’s complete crap.

In the past few years, I’ve caught (yes, that’s how I feel about it) several of our manufacturer partners with these sorts of books, and to be honest, it angered me. I’m a huge proponent for balancing life and work, but these particular individuals were habitually unresponsive and difficult to work with, as it was. I can only imagine if they reduced working from their usual 30 hours to – oh let’s say 4. “No way, buddy” I thought, “Put that book down and get your shit done.” If you don’t like your job, then get another job, but don’t punish your coworkers, your employer, your customers and partners by trying to minimize the amount of time you have to put in each week.

What a great little reminder, on this day-after-Christmas. Hop over to Inc Magazine Online and read this short and sweet post “Why You Should Work Smarter, and Harder” by Matthew Swyers, of The Trademark Company.

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