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JJ’s Top 10 Reasons to Vote in (ISC)2 Elections
Updated on Friday, 28 November 2014 10:09

Each year we go through the same cycle of love and hate during the annual (ISC)2 Board of Directors elections. Across the social media worlds, the apathy and frustration come head-to-head with excitement and hope. Disenfranchised members ask “why vote?” and “who cares?”, or make comments about how “nothing will change”. The more engaged crowd, led by hope and motivated by incremental change pushes for engagement and participation.

I don’t know about you, but I was in the former before joining the Board myself. From the outside looking in, things looked quite hopeless and frustrating to me.  Now, seeing things from the inside out has yielded such a different view. Sadly, we’re not able to share everything that has changed in these past few years, but I can tell you that they are indeed changing. A 25 year-old, 100,000-member organization is not something you can “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo” to perfection with the wave of a wand. The organization is governed by a set of rules and bylaws that determine what we can and can’t do. Working within those rules while remaining flexible enough to meet the demands of the growing membership has proven to be an exciting challenge.

TOP10And so, with the virtual election polls closing in less than 48 hours, I’d like to share with you my top reasons why you should vote.

10. You’ll forfeit bi***ing rights if you don’t

That’s right; just like governmental elections, if you don’t participate, you’re friends and family will confirm you’ve forfeited your right to complain.

9. Your vote helps with diversity

The organization needs to sustain and grow geographic and cultural diversity; the more members that vote, the more diversity they offer, and the better off the organization will be. The (ISC)² Board of Directors is comprised of 13 individuals whose goal it is to successfully steer an organization of immense cultural and geographic breadth as well as professional depth.

8. It’s fastest and easiest voting you’ll ever take part in

Seriously, you don’t even have to drive anywhere or stand in line; electronic voting is your best friend. Don’t be lazy! Take the 3 minutes to participate.

7. Only you can prevent forest fires

Not voting because of apathy is translated as agreement with organization’s current path. You, the members – and only you – have the power to make changes.

6. The organization needs it (no really)

As was stated in a recent article “The future of the organization is truly in the hands of our members, and we think that’s an extremely valuable position for the members, and an extremely desirable position for the organization.”

5. Give feedback

We’re making changes to the process this year, and your feedback would be invaluable. While casting your vote, you can comment on any parts of the process that you feel should be addressed.

4. You have resources

It’s easy to be an educated voter. This year, you have the opportunity to interact with candidates one-on-one, ask questions and completely engage to determine who will best serve your interests. In addition to the candidate profiles, new this year is Campaign Central and the LinkedIn Candidates’ Forum. See below for even more resources and links.

3. Because Jack said so

In a recent blog post, self-proclaimed security curmudgeon and industry oracle Jack Daniel said “just go vote”. If the other 9 reasons fail you, this one should get you to the poll.

2. Seven votes won an election

Everyone says “every vote counts” but here, it’s really true. Again in a post it was noted “In a recent election, the outcome was determined by a mere seven votes. If you think your vote doesn’t matter, think again.” Seven (7), seeehhhviiiin votes. Seven members tipped that scale. If you even care a tiny bit, use your powers for good!

1. Members are the strategy

This one baffles some people. If you didn’t already know, please let me share this very important piece of information with you: the (ISC)2 strategy is 100% member-focused. It’s not revenue-focused, it’s not market-share-focused; it’s MEMBER-focused. And whether you know it or not, these people REALLY care about each and every member, and they’re looking for ways to make your life better. Electing people you share values with heightens the chances the organization will follow a path you’re happy with. You are the strategy. You have the force- use it!

Resources and Links:

(ISC)2 Elections Resource

Election Articles and Blogs

Social Media

The polls are open until Sunday, November 30th US Eastern time. Please take these last few hours to be empowered, and to give back!

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