Friday Feb 23
InfoSec Life Lessons from Dr. Seuss- keynote debut and BruCon
Updated on Wednesday, 3 December 2014 08:56

Recently I had the pleasure of unveiling my new keynote, “InfoSec Life Lessons from Dr. Seuss” at the BruCon conference hosted each year in Gent, Belgium. The event is absolutely amazing, extremely well-managed, features some of the best speakers, and offers actionable content. The energy and collaboration was off the charts and I would highly recommend any colleagues to attend this conference if given the opportunity.

title slide Dr Seuss

The opportunity to share a new message was a key point of my excitement at this conference. For the first time, I stepped completely outside of my comfort zone of technical content and in to a realm of virgin leadership territory. It was terrifying, exhilarating and I’m so happy to share it with you here. The full video presentation is available on YouTube in its entirety. Some anecdotal scenes are detailed below by timestamp.

I’ll be talking more about working ‘on’ the industry, and I’ll share more of my journey and offer some explanations of my struggle on that journey and why I fell off the blog-wagon.

Scenes and notable moments by time:

  • 1:00 we investigate Wim’s new mohawk
  • 4:30 the guys fix my display and we get started!
  • 6:00 when I realize they’re all students
  • 9:30 James Arlen and the Billion dollar question (@myrcurial)
  • 10:15 Chris Hoff “industry needs to grow up” (@beaker)
  • 10:30 Home Depot and Target breaches
  • 12:00 Chris Hoff “…general inability to affect positive change on behalf of those we protect”
  • 12:47 demons take over the video feed
  • 13:01 slides appear! tada
  • 13:45 5 concepts: life, people, leadership, culture, industry
  • 14:15 Brian Jones cited, working ‘on’ the industry instead of ‘in’ the industry
  • 16:10 “help each other” (gasp)
  • 16:20 4 character slides and hands-up survey, #1 Evil Grinch, #2 Curmudgeonly Lorax, #3 Star Sneetch, #4 Team Thing
  • 19:20 my index card gets eaten by volunteer #1
  • 21:18 volunteer #1 tries to steal my pen
  • 22:00 intro to Life Leadership vs Thought Leadership
  • 23:00 how to upgrade life, people, leadership, culture and industry
  • 25:00 my major failure and transition from a #3 Star Sneetch to a #4 Team Thing
  • 28:00 Lessons from “The Zax”, and live demo, circle of trust
  • 31:00 secret volunteer instructions
  • 34:00 Wim and Jacob‘s volunteer stunt show
  • 36:45 Lessons from “Horton Hears a Who“, and live reading, noble causes and core values
  • 37:00 ask Dave (my husband) about his elephant and tree joke
  • 40:00 Lessons from “Yertle the Turtle“, enablement
  • 41:45 Lessons from “The Sneetches“, certification
  • 43:00 C-I-double-S-P video play fail
  • 44:45 if we all try to be rockstars, we’ll never have a band
  • 46:30 revisiting the Hoff quote
  • 49:00 reveal of %s from survey: 3% Evil Grinch, 7% Curmudgeonly Lorax, 40% Star Sneetch, 50% Team Thing
  • 51:00 Tribal leadership and linear progression to stages #3 and #4
  • 52:00 my challenge to the audience


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