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InfoSec World- Best, Worst and Common Practices for Securing Enterprise WiFi
Updated on Monday, 23 March 2015 12:00

The afternoon of Monday, March 23rd at InfoSec World in Orlando, I’ll be giving a talk in the mobile track titled “Best, Worst and Common Practices for Securing Enterprise WiFi“. Since the event site doesn’t post the full abstract, I figured I’d share it here for you, and I’ll tweet the crap out of it so you can find it.

Session E3: Monday, 1:30pm
“Best, Worst and Common Practices for Securing Enterprise WiFi”
The ultimate how-to for network admins and technical decision makers. This session takes decades of experience and hits the high points of the best, worst and common practices in wireless, with short dives in to deviations in best practices among specific industries and environments including government, education, manufacturing, financial and healthcare. Focus is given on the types of decisions that need to be made in implementing wireless, and the technical considerations for the decision-making processes of designing and securing Wi-Fi; from basic coverage planning for legacy and new standards, which type of authentication and encryption to use, properly handling guest users, considerations for 802.1X, when and where to use WIPS and solutions for enforcing connection policies on wireless networks.

my session InfoSec_World_Ad_Creative

If this strikes your fancy, I’ll see you there!

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