Saturday Jan 20
The Official RSA Conference Guide by Industry’s Top Snarkers
Updated on Friday, 27 March 2015 07:03

Sure, sure — you can check out the voluminous agenda and event catalogs detailing what you’ll find at RSA this year. But to get the real scoop on “where the world talks security”, you need an insider’s view, and the most accurate, full-featured, and entertaining take on the world’s largest security conference comes from us. Head over to the RSA Conference Blog site and soak in all the blogs you can find from the Securosis Team.

I’m delighted and honored to join my colleagues in contributing to this year’s conference Official (Unofficial) RSA Conference Guide. Like Rich said, I still can’t believe RSA gave us a mile-long leash; I’m looking around in disbelief, waiting for posts to disappear from the site. 2014-02-24-expo-0707To read more, just visit the RSA Conference Blog at The Securosis content is clearly labeled as such – no one else would dare claim the eyebrow-raising content there. Or, to go full-snark, you can view a filtered version of Securosis content at

You can find some of my handiwork in two main pieces, and little sprinkles of JJ fairy dust in other content. More content is added almost daily, so check back often.


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