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The 10 Deadliest Networking Mistakes
Last Updated on Tuesday, 5 November 2013 11:01
Written by jj
Friday, November 8th, 2013

This article by Jennifer Minella originally appeared in Network Computing.  

We all make mistakes, but some networking mistakes wreak more havoc than others. Avoiding a few common errors will drastically increase your LAN uptime and decrease your troubleshooting time and frustration level. Here is a top 10 list of errors, omissions, misconfigurations and points of confusion that lead to network mayhem. (more…)

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HP ProCurve 5400zl Modules- Minimum Firmware Reference
Last Updated on Tuesday, 31 January 2012 12:28
Written by jj
Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

With HP’s newer v2 modules for the HP 5400 series chassis switches, we’ve received a lot of calls from customers who experienced a conflict when adding newer modules to a switch. (more…)

More Security Uncorked content at Tech Target
Last Updated on Wednesday, 10 February 2010 06:17
Written by jj
Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

At times, my new blog entries are sparse (at best). Unfortunately, much of my writing in the past year has been private for-hire content that will never make it in its original form to my site.

If you’re looking for more security-related articles and how-tos, be sure to visit the Tech Target Search Midmarket Security site, as well as the Search Financial Security site, for more content authored by me.

Recent content you’ll find there

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Network Security on a Budget: Video, Podcast and Tips
Last Updated on Monday, 17 August 2009 04:13
Written by jj
Monday, August 17th, 2009

Recently, I worked with the Tech Target team on content for the Network Security School for midmarket organizations. In this Midmarket Security School set, you’ll find tips and tricks on how to streamline your network security budget, retool the infrastructure for security and my personal list of top five security issues to avoid.

Find the video, podcast and top five tips at Search Midmarket Security.

Streamlining your network security infrastructure  – VIDEO
Learn how to save money by streamlining your network security infrastructure.
   1. Retooling the infrastructure for security
   2. Identifying and classifying tools and resources
   3. Leveraging your current personnel, experience and interests
   4. Exploring uncommon uses for software and hardware
   5. Reviewing overlooked functions of switches, routers and firewalls
   6. When shoestrings aren’t enough
How to rework your network infrastructure for security  – TIPS
NEW! Retooling your existing network infrastructure for security requires less complexity and more attention to basics such as switches, centralized authentication, UTMs and network segmentation.

Five network security issues to avoid  – PODCAST
NEW! This podcast covers some common network security issues and how you can go about avoiding them in your organization.
1. The management malady
   2. Partial lockdown
   3. Documentation
   4. Cutting with a spoon
   5. Vendor voo doo

If you get tired of listening to me after a couple of minutes, you can find more Midmarket Security School content online.



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BlackBerry Pearl ‘Proper’ Keypad Cheatsheet
Last Updated on Monday, 21 July 2008 11:43
Written by JJ
Saturday, June 7th, 2008

It wasn’t long after I switched from a long history of traditional cell phones to a BB Pearl that I realized there was a big problem. I was up a creek without a paddle… or should I say, I was up to remote voicemail access without a proper keypad.

You see, phone systems everywhere- my office, your office, the banks and any alphanumeric-driven automated system- use the letters that correspond to a standard desk set number. The number ‘2’ represents ‘ABC’, etc.

graphic_BBkeypad_hers.gifThe problem is… the BlackBerry Pearl keyboard is the bastard child of a standard 9-key cell keypad and a full QWERTY keyboard that BB usually sports… making it match… well… nothing! 

So a ‘G’ on my office system to Give it to another user is number key 4, on my Pearl it would be 5, which would be ‘K’ to my phone system to save the message and tuck it back in the depths of vm storage never to be found again. Over the past months, I’ve accidentally erased things I wanted to forward, forward things I wanted to save… you get the picture.

It’s not just voicemail access. I also found I couldn’t make use of dial-by-name directories or even access my banking by phone. It gets to be quite frustrating at times, and driving down the road at 70mph is not really a good time to try and work out the mental puzzle of which number ‘should’ be what.

The solution… I decided to make a BlackBerry Pearl ‘Proper’ Keypad Cheatsheet. It’s a convenient 2×3.5” business-card sized piece that you can print and slip right into your wallet, phone holster, or wherever you need it.

And here it is, available for your enjoyment- in both his and hers colours.

Her BB Pearl Keypad Cheetsheet (in pink)

His BB Pearl Keypad Cheetsheet (in blue)

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