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Security School: Using IDS and IPS to meet business objectives
Last Updated on Monday, 29 November 2010 02:00
Written by jj
Monday, November 29th, 2010

Hey everyone! Long time no see. I’m working up some recaps from Deep Sec in Vienna as well as a few 802.1X-2010 updates. In the meantime…

As promised, I’m letting you know about content I’ve done for Tech Target’s SearchSecurity site (publishers of Information Security Magazine).

Below is a link to the Security School I authored titled “Using IDS and IPS to meet business objectives“. Included in this Security School is the usual video, podcast and tech tip with BONUS quiz. w00t. We all love quizzes, don’t we? You might already know the answers to the questions; if not they’re all contained in the various parts of the school, if you can muddle through listening to my Southern accent for 15-20 minutes. Despite daily refutes, I keep telling myself I don’t have an accent. Apparently, I’m wrong.

Tech Target’s
Security School: Using IDS and IPS to meet business objectives,296296,sid14_tax317100,00.html

VIDEO – Meeting business goals with network security technologies
This video will discuss how moving from primary business functions to more detailed business tasks can help identify goals that network security can assist in meeting. 

PODCAST– Countdown: Top 5 ways to tune IDS/IPS to meet business needs
In this podcast, we’ll count down the top five ways to tune an IDS/IPS to make sure it’s meeting the business requirements you purchased it to meet. 

TECH TIP– IDS vs. IPS: How to know when you need the technology
IDS and IPS are useful security technologies, but how do you know whether your enterprise can benefit from one? In this tip, infosec pro Jennifer Jabbusch offers a few specific use cases to help you know when to consider… 

QUIZ: How IDS/IPS can enable business objectives
How much have you learned about integrating IDS/IPS with your enterprise’s business goals? Find out with this short quiz.

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Conversation with Jennifer Jabbusch on NAC [VPN Haus]
Last Updated on Saturday, 28 January 2012 06:28
Written by jj
Friday, November 19th, 2010

I didn’t post this originally because I was waiting for Part 2 to be released. I know you people; no one wants to read the first half of something and then have to revisit it later for a second part. In my quest to provide both pieces for you, I somehow missed Part 2. I’ll blame it on travel for work and the gov conference at which I was speaking during that week. Yeah, that sounds good – we’ll go with that.

In any event, several people seemed to like the Q&A session I responded to with the team at VPN Haus. You can read the exchange on their blog.

No Mike, NAC’s not dead. We’re still talking about it – see?

Conversation with *me* on NAC at VPN Haus

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