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An SMB Guide to Credit Card Regulations: Part II- The Low-Hanging Fruit- Networks and Users [Dark Reading]
Last Updated on Wednesday, 3 November 2010 10:04
Written by jj
Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

The PCI Security Standards Council has created a document outlining a prioritized approach to help businesses comply with PCI DSS. It’s a way to grab the low-hanging fruit, helping businesses tackle some of the more simple tasks that can provide a greater security ROI. I’ve boiled it down here to help small to midsize businesses get started.The official document is about 15 pages of an organized chart, outlining tasks and subtasks as they relate to the PCI DSS requirements and the six primary milestones of the Prioritized Approach document. Those six milestones and goals are:

1: Remove sensitive data and limit data retention
2: Protect the networks
3: Secure payment card software applications
4: Monitor and control access to your systems
5: Protect stored cardholder data
6: Finalize remaining compliance efforts, and ensure controls are in place to meet the rest of the PCI DSS requirements.

Instead of regurgitating the dozen or so pages of itemized tasks, I thought it would be more useful to identify a set of specific tasks for small businesses to address, by category. Each task relates to one or more milestones in the Prioritized Approach and helps achieve one or more of the PCI DSS requirements.


Read the entire article at Dark Reading

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Five Main Causes Of SMB Security Incidents [Dark Reading]
Last Updated on Monday, 27 September 2010 06:16
Written by jj
Monday, September 27th, 2010

This article includes a few insights you might enjoy, based on real incidents at small businesses.

Like you, I have read many articles covering small business security, the authors of which have made up various lists of “top X threats” or “this year’s biggest vulnerabilities,” etc. So I thought it would be interesting to dig into a sampling of the data breach reports and collect some real data on causes of breaches and other security incidents in SMBs.

Here are the five primary causes that were repeated in the vast majority of reports from small businesses (in order of most offenses to fewest)…

Read the entire article at Dark Reading


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