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Your 3 Favorite Linux Commands?
Last Updated on Thursday, 31 July 2008 09:35
Written by JJ
Friday, July 25th, 2008

Here’s a fun Friday post…

Some of you may know I’ve been preparing to brush up on my *nix skills. A couple of our new solutions are running on Linux platforms and I feel compelled to understand any platform I’m working with inside and out… I know, it’s a bit OCD.

But to be honest, I haven’t really touched a Linux platform for about 10 years, since I was one of the three students running the Sun network over at NCSSM. I still remember the humorous ‘root’ ‘of all evil’ admin name that we used and the password, iaceo (in mixed caps), which was a Latin word for (I think) to lie dead. (Please correct me if you know what it means).  When you’re 17, these things are amusing.

I’ve kept my ls-ing and cd-ing over the years, but will be brushing up on the grep-ing and tail-ing ;)

So with any system, I think we all have our favourite commands that we use daily and are part of our daily arsenal. I’m working out mine but wanted to hear from you…

What are your 3 favorite Linux commands?

And is there 1 obscure one you really love (or hate)?


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