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Recent Posts

  • How to Handle Rogue APs (Without getting arrested)
    One of the primary ways we’ve been handling rogues is in direct violation of the FCC regulations in the United States, and I’m told similarly illegal in other countries. Let’s be honest, you’re all too pretty for prison. So then, here’s how to handle rogues without getting arrested or paying fines. For the purposes of … Read more
  • My Return to Techno Security Conference
    I have a long history with the Techno Security Conference, thanks to my mentor and friend “Uncle” Jack Wiles. At one point, over 10 years ago, I was the conference’s youngest ever keynote speaker. It’s with great honor I return again this year to deliver a technical session on Zero Trust.
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd Answers “Who Should Create an Org’s BYOD Policy?”
    The worst of LastPass’s year-long battle with an attacker occurred through a personal device, on a home network, putting BYOD back in the spotlight. And for the past three months, most boards, CIOs, and CISOs I know are taking the opportunity to reevaluate their Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies. Here, I answer, “Who should create an organization’s BYOD policies?”
  • Behind the Scenes – Teaching “Secure Wi-Fi Design Special Edition” at WLPC Phoenix
    Converting my Secure Wi-Fi Design course to a hands-on lab experience was no small feat. I’m grateful for the opportunity and invite you behind the scenes at my WLPC Deep Dive.
  • How and Why to Upgrade to the Latest Wi-Fi Security [Video]
    At the WLPC Conference in Phoenix a few weeks ago, I gave a short 30-minute talk on how and why to upgrade to WPA3 Security for business networks. Click the image in the blog header to watch the video. In this (accidentally) slide-free session, I cover: WPA3 security and when/why it’s required moving forward Security … Read more