At the WLPC Conference in Phoenix a few weeks ago, I gave a short 30-minute talk on how and why to upgrade to WPA3 Security for business networks.

Click the image in the blog header to watch the video. 

In this (accidentally) slide-free session, I cover:

  • WPA3 security and when/why it’s required moving forward
  • Security benefits of Protected Management Frames (PMF) for identity integrity and, at times encryption
  • Impact of encrypted management frames on external 3rd party testing tools
  • Huge advances in security for passphrase-protected networks (WPA3-Personal with SAE)
  • How SAE (in WPA3-Personal) is superior to PSK (in WPA2-Personal)
  • Best practices for migrating to WPA3, and the challenges of Transition Mode for WPA3-Personal/Passphrase networks
  • Specifically, why you should add a WPA3-Personal Only network and migrate from WPA2-Personal (versus using Transition Mode)
  • Enhanced Open (with OWE) for encrypted unauthenticated (guest) networks
  • Impact of Zero Trust architectures on the future of Enhanced Open networks
  • The difference in increasing security and reducing risk, and why they’re different

This content is based in part on my latest book “Wireless Security Architecture”, available at Amazon and other online learning platforms!


Author, speaker, and recognized authority on network and wireless security architectures, Jennifer (JJ) Minella helps organizations solve technical problems and align teams.

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