I’m flipping through the RSA 2008 session selection booklet, marking what I’d like to attend, and realizing I’ll need 2 more of me to make even 70% of what I marked.

Okay, so maybe there aren’t quite 50 pages of intrigue, some are vendor pitches in disguise… but there are at least 30-some anyway… still a big hydrant and a little cup.

I think the plan is to go in early for the weekend and start the learning by osmosis early. There are a couple of pre-conference courses I’d like to attend, but that just may be a little too much in one week.

I’m entertained by the number of sessions that contain ‘sex’… not something expected from a conference catered to the geekiest of us. Okay, I exaggerated again- I did a search on the interactive catalogue and there are only 2 ‘sex’ sessions- but I suppose that’s more than enough for RSA…

I’m excited to attend this year, out of all the conferences I’ve had the pleasure of attending, I’ve yet to make it to RSA, so this is my first. There are plenty of extra-curricular activities, parties and social times and I’m especially looking forward to meeting the rest of the Security Bloggers Network crowd.

Hope to see you there too!

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