Whilst picking up a well-deserved Iced Honey Latte at Starbucks today, I passed by a cute Mercedes sporting a Breast Cancer Awareness magnet, with ‘Save the Ta-Ta’s’ splashed prominately over top the traditional pink ribbon.

I really wanted to take a quick photo, but it was parked in front of a tanning salon with the doors open, and I was scared the owner might think I was carjacking her… That’s all I needed… for the chick to come running out and mace me in order to save her Mercedes (and her Ta Tas ribbon).

So, I didn’t take the photo, but I checked online and found the Ta-Ta’s site. Yes, it’s trade-marked.

Here it is… Save the Ta-Tas. You can find this, and other fun Ta-Ta-wear online at www.savethetatas.com

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