After many days, weeks and months of working on various customer and company projects, I’m taking the weekend off! (Yes, I usually work weekends and use the time to read, review and catch up.)

Most of my dance peeps have already trekked down to Atlanta for the 2008 USA Grand Nationals  Dance Comp- a professional show of Shag and West Coast Swing dancers from across the country. I’ll be heading out in just a few hours with one of my friends to join the flock.

In case you haven’t kept up with previous posts, I used to compete in Shag (looong ago), then American Ballroom and, most recently, West Coast Swing. This event is the perfect spot to see fellow friends and dancers from today and yesteryear.

Because of my work schedule, I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus for the past couple of years. I won’t be competing here, but it’s a great competition to watch and the best group of people around!

I’m excited and I hope to get back on the photo-taking bus and have lots of fun and goofy shots to share next week.

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