Yes, I jumped on the CrackBerry Train. I’ve been holding out for years, happy with my little ‘Blueberry’ as I called it- my small Sanyo clamshell that was a lovely deep blue colour. But last Sunday, I joined the growing army of BlackBerry users.

My poor little Sanyo, after many years of faithful service, starting dropping calls, not holding a charge, and offering some interesting speech synthesis during voicemails.

I found my new jewel- the BlackBerry Pearl, which is only slightly larger than my little clamshell and offers all the same applications as the larger, full-sized BlackBerry editions.

My background is customized, the sound profiles are set, emails a’comin’ in steady and I’m having a jolly time with the interactive maps and the hi-res camera.

Now, as soon as I find a good solution for the zillions of daily Spam, I’ll be all set!

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  • I can’t believe you broke down. I just figured people like us would try to keep the old style, "in style".


  • Yeah, well the problem is my BB is pulling from the BB server, not an internal mail server here. So, putting any type of spam control is almost impossible. I think I’ll have to set my webmail server to mark with a ‘SPAM’ tag in the header then filter those using the BB server filters.