Okay, stay with me here- it’s actually (sorta’) security-related.

I don’t always understand how my brain makes its jump to and from various topics, but I made myself chuckle when I thought of this and so, I have to share it. If you don’t find it entertaining, then feel free to go listen to NPR  instead.

Today, someone asked me why I don’t (or haven’t) put much effort in learning the full functions and features of the various vendors’ NAC software we integrate- either endpoint integrity agents, and/or 802.1X supplicants. It’s stuff like this that gets me thinking (yep- watchout!). 

And here’s what I discovered in my thoughts…

Software is like a whore. If you pay enough money, you can have it do anything you want. (Which is another reason I have personal feelings about security via software). 

I don’t worry about learning the software (agents) as it relates to NAC, because a programmer somewhere can tweak the software (for the right money). If you want your logo to appear- we can make it happen. You want to push the agent down in a package- we can do that too. And so, I’m more interested in the standards, technology and hardware capabilities… you know… the parts with ASICs, ethics and capacitors.  ;)

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  • Of course! Lol.

    I just figured there’s not as much need for me to worry about how an EI can be downloaded or pushed out, or whether or not you can embed a logo in the 1X supplicant… Stuff like that..


  • So Jennifer ignoring for the moment your personal feelings about security via software and whores ;-), what about NAC done on appliances ith ASICs, etc. Do you take the time to learn those because they are "ethical"