I know I’ve had another week of being a bad blogger- but you’ll find out why soon. There are several current and upcoming projects I’m going to let you in on. For now, I want to tell you about the Virtual NAC Tradeshow!

Today (April 22nd), Information Week opened the virtual doors to it’s virtual tradeshow- an online show hall, full of NAC information, whitepapers and on-demand presentations from a variety of specialists and industry experts. You can explore technical and business-oriented information and even view Mike’s product reviews of some of today’s popular NAC products. GO forth and Visit the NAC Immersion Virtual Tradeshow.

And yes– you can even see a ‘Featured Speaker’ presentation by me on Preparing the Organization for NAC.

Visit the InformationWeek booth for that one, and all the other fun presentations from Mike and the NAC crew. Robert Richardson, director of Computer Security Institute speaks on the role of identity. Steve Hanna, co-chair of TCG/TNC and IETF working groups provides update and information on NAC frameworks and standards. Robert Marley, CSO for Pennsylvania will lend some insight to endpoint security.

And in case you are wondering, that is my first recorded presentation of this type. I have learned through this experience that it’s evidently impossible for me to use a teleprompter. There are a million little details to worry about while recording this- I’m retarded and we had to redo it a time or two ;)

Check out vendor booths, and add whitepapers and other ‘goodies’ to your tradeshow bag… just like the real thing…. well, except for no t-shirts or stress sticks.

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