It’s that time- we need more ‘stuff’!

Once upon a time…
When I first started this blog, I wasn’t quite sure what would happen… where it would go… or even if I could keep finding enough new things to talk about. I haven’t had a problem finding topics, only the time to write them all!

Point being, when I started the blog, I began with a hosted solution – Squarespace. My blog host is not free, but has provided a nice platform for me to get started and easily maintain the site, posts and reporting.

Having been in the web development business for years, I know what’s involved in maintaining a site and really didn’t want to throw myself back into all that. However, the time has come. We need more ‘stuff’ and to get all the fun stuff we want I’m going to need to make some drastic changes in the platform.

What’s getting added…
Soon you’re going to have a better blog site to enjoy. The changes will provide easier and better comment and collaboration systems, more capable search tools and email forms, a blog roll and better methods for linking and trackbacks. The changes will also allow me to modify the domain host records so we can access the site without the “www”, a specific request by some, namely ‘the Wilde’.

Overall, I hope the changes will give you the tools to better use the site, find the content you want and have the ability to make it ‘your’ community and a place for interaction and idea exchange.

I’ll keep you posted through the changes and hope you’ll hang in there. The content is/will/should all be the same and will be transferred in its entirety. It will be a process so you may not see any changes for a bit. It’s important the new site is up and functioning before anything is replaced.

Also, I’ll be looking for your feedback of what you like and don’t like!

I’m excited :)

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  • JJ- you can do all that you said and not have to maintain your own server, as well as custom CSS and a bunch more. Check out Typepad