A quick update on the DNS vulnerability.Based on posts and Twitters last night from Dan and the snippits of information I gleaned from fellow Security Twits and bloggers… I think we are all aware that the DNS vulnerability is now out in the open.

The team that discovered the vulnerability was due to release details of the exploit at BlackHat (in 2 weeks). However, someone has reverse-engineered the vulnerability and released the details. The contents, or portions of the exploit were accidentally posted on a very prominent security blog yesterday then quickly removed. (Don’t ask, that’s a whole ‘nother story).

If your DNS server has not been patched, you are vulnerable now. More info on Dan’s (discoverer’s) site .  You’ll notice his 13 > 0 post... letting us know instead of 13 days you now have 0. 

If you haven’t patched your DNS server(s), please see my previous DNS vulnerability post, follow the links included for more information and instructions. Consider yourself now at risk.

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