Join me as I talk and walk through what's inside my latest book in this chapter-by-chapter quick peek at the top content and what to look for!

What’s Inside “Wireless Security Architecture: Designing and Maintaining Secure Wireless for Enterprise.”

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:20 Chapter 1 Introduction to Concepts and Relationships
  • 02:40 Chapter 2 Understanding Technical Elements
  • 05:12 Chapter 3 Understanding Authentication and Authorization
  • 09:30 Chapter 4 Understanding Domain and Wi-Fi Design Impacts
  • 11:30 Chapter 5 Planning and Design for Secure Wireless
  • 14:30 Notes for Executive Leadership
  • 15:40 Chapter 6 Hardening the Wireless Infrastructure
  • 20:00 Chapter 7 Monitoring and Maintenance of Wireless Networks
  • 21:08 Chapter 8 Emergent Trends and Non-Wi-Fi Wireless
  • 23:15 Appendix A Notes on Configuring 802.1X with Microsoft NPS
  • 23:25 Appendix C Sample Architectures


Author, speaker, and recognized authority on network and wireless security architectures, Jennifer (JJ) Minella helps organizations solve technical problems and align teams.

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