Learn how to properly secure your enterprise wireless network while considering UX, zero trust and commonly overlooked architectural mistakes. Download a free excerpt from the book.

I recently spoke with Kyle at TechTarget about the best practices for wireless security in my latest book, “Wireless Security Architecture” just published with Wiley. We chatted about recommendations for separating (versus collapsing) SSIDs, new WPA3 features, why MAB is bad, and when private cellular should be considered. The article also touches on issues with consumerization and zeroconf protocols such as Apple Bonjour and other mDNS.

You can even access a free excerpt of the book at TechTarget.

With Wireless Security Architecture: Designing and Maintaining Secure Wireless for Enterprise, author and founder of Viszen Security Jennifer Minella wanted to educate a broad audience on wireless network security and architecture. “Wireless has its own language that’s not necessarily accessible to other IT pros,” Minella said. “I wrote the book to target any IT pro who has foundational networking knowledge.”


Author, speaker, and recognized authority on network and wireless security architectures, Jennifer (JJ) Minella helps organizations solve technical problems and align teams.

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