I try not to blog too much about personal life, because -well- I assume it’s probably not of interest to anyone. Today, I’m going to make an exception here for a good cause.

Unless you already knew me (pre-blogging) you probably don’t know I had one grandmother who went on to better places after our horrible struggle with Lou Gehrig’s Disease years ago. But that’s a whole ‘nuther discussion. What’s today about?

My second grandmother (and only living grandparent now) is suffering from another, more common, affliction – Alzheimer’s. In recognition of her great achievements, and in support of the other millions affected by this disease, we have gathered the troupes and are participating in the 2008 Memory Walk.

Our team of about a dozen family members and friends will pound the pavement this Saturday, October 4th in Cary, NC in an effort to do our part!

Now, I will shamelessly ask for your support!

If you feel so compelled and want to join us, or donate online, PLEASE DO! Here’s how…

I have a dream, I have a goal and I think I have lots of really great readers who will throw in some love and donations. Even $1.00 or $5.00 is GREAT.

Granny Boop!
Granny Boop!

Here’s a photo of our Granny Boop with my cousin, Meredith, my Mom and me. (I think she looks mad because we took her chocolates away for the photo!)

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