Immediately after landing in Las Vegas for Black Hat and Defcon, I (literally) gathered my luggage and ran to the hotel to check in and hop on the StillSecureAfterAllTheseYears (SSAATY) Podcast with some of my favorite trouble-making colleagues for throw my two cents in on the PCI Wireless Podcast.

I’m in the podcast with Alan, Rothman and Dominick. Links to each person’s site is below in the excerpt from Alan’s post. You’ll even get to hear me arguing with another network security engineer. Have fun with that one!

Listen to the podcast.

From Alan’s Podcast Post:

Please join me in this new series of podcasts in the StillSecure, After all these years series. I am hosting these myself and inviting some of my friends in the industry.  In today’s episode I am joined by my friends JJ (Jennifer Jabbusch) of securityuncorked blog and CAD, Inc., Mike Rothman (not grumpy no more) of security incite and eIQ Networks and Dominick Genzano of STI Group. We talk about the recent guidelines issued on wireless networks and PCI compliance.  It is a good discussion that strikes a decent balance between technical aspects of compliance and business drivers. I hope you will find it interesting and helpful!

If you have any questions or suggestions for the podcast you can write me at


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