As most of you may know, we have had the pleasure of hosting Johnny Long to speak at several events in the Southeast area, including our own Carolina Advanced Digital-hosted IT Hot Topics Conference hosted annually for customers.

And many of you probably know Johnny and his family embarked on a great adventure this year by MOVING to Africa. You can read the entire story of “The Long Journey” on his blog site to get a little background on the story.

We have a pretty tight community here, in the security world. When one member of our community undertakes a challenge such as this, we all tend to adopt the burden and try to help however possible.

And so, now we’re asking you to participate too – by checking out these one-of-a-kind t-shirts up for auction on eBay. You’ll see these shirts have been signed by some prominent names, including Johnny, Dan Kaminsky (he who keeps breaking the Interwebs), Jeff Moss (founder of Black Hat and Defcon), Kevin Mitnick (famous hacker turned author), Joe Grand (from Prototype This) and many others.

Right now these shirts are bidding from $30 – $70. This is to support a family’s efforts in Africa. I’d like to see them each go for a few hundred dollars. It’s a great investment!

Bid now. Auctions end Tuesday, August 18th around 9:00pm Eastern.

About the Charity T-Shirt Auctions…
All of the proceeds from these auctions except the ebay auction cost will be donated to “Hackers for Charity”

These Shirts were Signed by Most of the Big names at Defcon 17.
Anyone that attended may have seen these shirts displayed at the “Hackers for Charity” booth on Sunday.
Everyone online and at defcon has seen the black “I hack charities” T-shirts. But not many have seen the white ones.  Well that is because there were only 4 white shirts printed!  Johnny Long has 1 and the
other 3 were all signed by the people below for these auctions. Each shirt is unique with the location of the signatures and the quotes written by the signers.
These shirts were signed by:
• Johnny Long 
• Dan Kaminsky
• Jeff “The Dark Tangent” Moss
• Kevin Mitnick
• Joe “$Kingpin$” Grand
• Bruce Potter
• Nikita
• Priest
• The Entire 2009 CTF winning team
• and many others.

Where to Find the Auctions

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