Join me for a roundtable, a zero trust session, and a few cool panels. Most of these activities are open to everyone so regardless of your conference pass type, I hope to see you there!

The past two years have been a doozy but we’re (cautiously) back in person for RSAC in 2022. I have to admit, as someone that hates the cold weather, I don’t mind a June RSA Conference.

This year I’ll be bouncing around to these events, and more. Most of these activities are open to everyone so regardless of your conference pass type, I hope to see you next week! If you want to catch up, please reach out on LinkedIn or use my work contact form. Note I’ll be working from a phone and running around so I may not respond in a timely manner.

When I’m not scheduled for a speaking session, I’ll be visiting the expo halls, checking out hands-on activities at the Sandbox, and catching our committee’s Technology Infrastructure and Operations track sessions.

Women in Cyber to Keep an Eye On

Women in Cyber to Keep an Eye On
Tuesday, June 7th, 11am
Where: Equality Lounge @ RSA Conference, Moscone North, Booth N-6179
Open to Full Conference Pass, Expo Plus Pass, and Expo Pass

Tuesday morning I’m joining a panel with some familiar friends and new faces! Diana Kelley, Lauren Zabierek, Jennifer Minella, Nicole Dove, and Beth DeWitt comparing what cyber looks like across different industries. Open to all pass types, find us in Moscone North, Booth 6179.

The Equality Lounge is open to everyone who’s committed to driving equality in the cyber industry, and where Deloitte, The Female Quotient, and RSAC will spotlight the women at the forefront of the cyber revolution, share innovative solutions for some of our most pressing cyberthreats, and hear firsthand career stories of women who have influenced the industry.

BoF Roundtable on Getting Started with Zero Trust

BoF Roundtable on Getting Started with Zero Trust for Remote & On-Prem Users
Wednesday, June 8th, 9:40am
Where: Moscone West Level 2 – Third Alcove (session BOF1-W02)
Open to Full Conference Pass

The Birds of a Feather (BoF, formerly called peer-to-peer sessions) are intimate roundtables for facilitated peer discussions. Press and media are not allowed to attend, Chatham House rules apply, and seats are limited usually to 20-30 attendees. Click here to save your seat. BoF sessions are only open to Full Conference Pass holders and speakers.

This is a focused peer conversation on how mid-size organizations are getting started with zero trust for user-based access. Has zero trust been driven by your board with a long-term strategy, or starting with point projects as needs arise? Where are you in the process and what hurdles have you encountered so far? What’s your biggest burning need or question? We’ll tackle this and more. This session will follow Chatham House Rule to allow for free exchange of information and learning.

Prep: This session is targeted for mid-size organizations looking for zero trust solutions for user-to-resource access (including ZTNA, SASE) and for device-to-device network microsegmentation. For more on the three zero trust use cases, see The 3 Zero Trust Product Architectures.

Book Signing at the RSAC Bookstore

Book Signing at the RSAC Bookstore
Wednesday, June 8th, 11:30am
Where: RSAC Bookstore, Moscone South, Esplanade Level
Open to all

First, let me point out that the RSAC Bookstore has myriad of amazing titles, including at least a dozen books by friends and fellow RSAC speakers and IANS Faculty. Plus, conference attendees get 20% off everything. So, leave a little room in your luggage and stock up next week.

Wednesday right after my BoF session, I’ll scoot down to the RSAC Bookstore for a book signing of my latest book, “Wireless Security Architecture: Designing and Maintaining Secure Wireless for Enterprise.”

This book has a wireless title but is a network security book rooted in risk management. It’s appropriate for any IT or networking professional with a basic Network+ or Cisco CCNA level of understanding, and it’s applicable to any size organization and any industry. In addition to Wi-Fi, it covers network security theory, RADIUS, 802.1X and authentication, IoT, BYOD, zero trust and other emerging technologies such as private cellular.

Cybersecurity Champions: Transforming the Future of the Industry

Cybersecurity Champions: Transforming the Future of the Industry
Wednesday, June 8th, 3:00-3:45pm
Where: The Harry M. Smith Conference Room at Union Square, 414 Mason Street AND LinkedIn Live
Open to all

Join us in-person OR online with LinkedIn live. This event is a short 10-15 minute walk from Moscone but is sure to be an excellent conversation. I’ll be moderating a panel with several heavy hitters and amazing professionals. Per the description, this panel will showcase a strong network of women in cybersecurity as they discuss the trends, challenges and future of the industry.

This year, Juniper Networks is aiming for community discussion and collaboration versus marketing. I applaud their effort in this and look forward to participating and supporting the mission of community throughout RSAC. This event is sponsored and hosted by Juniper Networks.

Host: Kate Adam, Senior Director of Enterprise Product Marketing at Juniper Networks
Moderated by: Jennifer (JJ) Minella, Founder and Principal Advisor at Viszen Security

Panelists include:

Zero Trust Explained

Zero Trust Explained
Thursday, June 9th, 12 noon
Where: Juniper Booth, North Expo 6071
Open to all RSAC pass types

My zero trust session within the RSAC agenda is a birds of a feather roundtable with limited attendees. Juniper is giving me the opportunity to bring my vendor-neutral session to the expo floor! Join me Thursday for a conversation on zero trust, starting with some demystification, myth busting, and untangling of zero trust marketing terms.

In this discussion, I’ll share my vendor-neutral model, explain the three primary use cases of zero trust products, and how the model maps to deployment architecture and product sets.

I’ll clear up confusion about ZTNA, SASE, and the NIST framework and answer questions as we go along!

Plus as an amazing bonus, Juniper will be giving away FREE copies of my new book “Wireless Security Architecture” so stop by and grab yours.

The Juniper booth is hosting a suite of neat talks throughout the week, including fellow IANS faculty Tanya Janca and friends from Dragos (a leader in OT security). Check out their full lineup.



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