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Meet Tony Vargas, #isc2writein candidate
Updated on Saturday, 16 November 2013 11:59

It’s time to unveil our next write-in candidate, Tony Vargas of California, USA. I first ran in to Tony years ago, and was delighted when he came as one of the repeatedly recommended CISSPs to consider for the write-in campaign. Don’t let his professional writing style fool you. This guy is real, down-to-earth and so passionate about the industry.

 NAME: Tony Vargas

WRITE-IN NAME:  Tony Vargas <- You must use this name for the ballot write-in

photo-tony-vargas-1bABOUT TONY: Tony hails from the left coast of the United States, and was also one of the petitioning members. He’s currently at Cisco, but comes from a varied background with experience in organizations of all sizes. He “uses his powers for good” and has led several initiatives leveraging any resources available to him to help the infosec community at large.


TONY’S MESSAGE to VOTERS:  Looks like it is time for the (ISC)2 Board of Directors elections and I’d like your vote as a write-in candidate to be on the Board of Directors.  I am sure many of you are wondering why I deserve your vote, especially as a write-in candidate.  I believe the answer to that question lies in my reasons for running for the board, my platforms and my past qualifications.  I hope and believe that after reading the information below and watching the video I put together that you also will agree that I should be on the (ISC)2 Board of Directors and will vote for me, Tony Vargas, as a write-in candidate on the (ISC)2 BOD ballot.

Reasons for wanting to be on the(ISC)2 Board of Directors, platforms and qualifications:

My reasons for wanting to be on the (ISC)2 Board of Directors are simple.  I want to help make the organization better and I know that I can.   I also want to do what I can to help make the world a safer place as I have two young children.  I believe (ISC)2 can help make the world a safer place.  I want to do all I can…and continue the work that I have already been doing the past few years.

I have a reputation of being a leader and also someone who gets things done both at the 5000ft strategic level all the way down to the nuts and bolts.  I’ve worked for large companies, startups, and non-profits and have been successful in each.  I am a member of  various security advisory groups both at work and throughout the industry as part of (ISC)2’s Application Security Advisory Board, the Chapter/(ISC)2 ACEB committee, an (ISC)2 Safe and Secure Online Volunteer and as the Co-Founder, Chairman and President of the (ISC)2 Sacramento Chapter. I have also helped form a number of other (ISC)2 chapters outside of the Sacramento chapter.

One thing I feel that is important is to see and talk with a candidate, not just see what they write.  In that spirit, I put together the video below so you can better understand me, my platforms, and the reasons why I want to be on the (ISC)2 BOD.  I encourage you to watch the video at:

I would also encourage you to look at my LinkedIn page for more of my qualifications as to why I am a good write-in candidate for the (ISC)2 BOD:

As for platforms for my campaign the video highlights my thoughts. Essentially, as a member of the (ISC)2 Board of Directors, I would focus on the initiatives below.

  1. Help (ISC)2 work more cross-functionally with other security organizations and help bridge the gap between (ISC)2 members and other security professionals.
  2. Transparency and communication.   Help (ISC)2 better communicate its initiatives to its members.
  3. Having worked with (ISC)2 a great deal over the past few years, I see some areas that I can help make (ISC)2 more efficient.
  4. Continue to help further the (ISC)2 Chapter program.

When I look at the big picture, many of the initiatives that I would look to drive by becoming a member of Board of Directors are similar to the goals highlighted by Jennifer Minella.  I believe that having both of us on the Board of Directors would help make the shared goals that we have for the organization a reality.  It takes people working together to make profound changes, and thus I would welcome the opportunity to work with Jennifer and the other board members to make it happen.


photo-tony-vargas-2I have two children and an incredible wife.  My kids think it is really cool that I am a Security Professional.  They tell all their friends that if they ever have a computer problem to talk to “My Dad”

and that “he can fix it”.  In the past I’ve coached and assistant coached my kids’ various sports teams.  I am an avid reader.  I love reading about current events.  I enjoy playing golf with my family. For some reason I always play my best golf after not playing for a few months and then playing again.  I also enjoy wine tasting, traveling, community outreach/giving back and watching the San Jose Sharks hockey team.

WRITE-IN NAME:  Tony Vargas

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