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Your ISC2 Election Write-In Guide
Updated on Tuesday, 19 November 2013 12:33

As part of my Complete Unofficial Guide to ISC2 Elections, I’m offering you detailed instructions and a single reference point for all your write-in needs.

 The #isc2writein Campaign Candidates

These are the suggested candidates for your consideration. BE SURE TO USE THE write-in name, which is our candidate’s name as registered with ISC2. If you put anything other than this name, the vote will not count. I encourage you to click the names to meet each candidate and explore them personally and professionally.

The third candidate (I hope) will be announced early next week. Remember, voting is open until November 30th, so there is no rush!

# Street Name Write-in Name Meet the candidate
1 Rik Ferguson Richard D. Ferguson
Meet Rik
2 Tony Vargas Tony Vargas Meet Tony
3 Dave Kennedy David J. Kennedy
Coming soon!

The #isc2writein and Voting Rules

  • This year there are five vacancies to be filled, so you may vote for up to five candidates.
  • Please cast your ballot by checking off up to five candidates from the slate presented, OR you may write-in up to 5 candidates (who is a CISSP, SSCP, CSSLP, CAP, etc in good standing and agree to serve).
  • Your completed ballot may contain any combination of listed candidates and write-ins as long as it does not exceed five votes. Be sure you do not exceed FIVE total, your entire ballot will be invalid.
  • You DO NOT HAVE TO VOTE FOR ALL 5 SEATS- you can vote for just 1, 2, 3 or 4 candidates. Limiting your votes concentrates your picks.
  • Do not write-in a candidate more than once. Multiple votes for the same candidate will not be counted.
  • Use a candidate’s full name and ensure it reflects the member’s name on record with (ISC)². These names have been provided for you, be sure to use them.

The #isc2writein Process

  1. Only ISC2 members in good standing may vote.


    Sample mix-and-match ballot

  2. Log in to .
  3. Click the (ISC)² Annual Board of Directors Election is Now Open under Special Announcements.
  4. Choose candidates from the board-approved ballot list.
  5. Enter your selection of write-in candidates in the spaces provided, using the names as detailed here.
  6. Mix and match any combo of check-boxes and write-ins for a total MAX OF 5.
  7. Double-check your work – you only get ONE SHOT!
  8. Complete the human verification CAPTCHA.
  9. Click the VOTE NOW button in the bottom right of your browser screen.


Will this work?

Yes! Read more detail at the CISSPs: Call to Action for (ISC)2 Elections (Nov 16-30).

In an organization with more than 90,000 members, it was reported at a recent (ISC)2 member reception that voter turnout is low, never more than 1,000 voters so far. Our chances of a successful write-in campaign with that voter turnout are extremely high!

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