Friday Feb 23
JJ’s Complete Unofficial (ISC)2 Voter Guidebook
Updated on Saturday, 16 November 2013 01:01

My friends, I’ve posted a lot of content about the ISC2 elections. Here’s a central reference point to reach all that content in an organized fashion. Remember, voting is open from November 16th through November 30th (specifically 5pm Eastern US).

vote-isc2-button-guideMy candidacy for ISC2 Board of Directors

I’m one of the 8 board-approved candidates, you can read more about me and my goals here:

Candidate Relationships and Longevity with ISC2

Use this article to explore the 8 board-approved candidates on the ballot (including me), get a summary of their current and past relationship with the ISC2 board and make a determination as to whether incumbents should be re-elected. At the bottom is a summary of “new candidates” and “long-term ISC2 board leaders”. Use it wisely!

Massive Coordinated Write-in Campaign

Also, in the interest of meeting the requests of the membership, we’ve launched the largest coordinated ISC2 write-in campaign, ever. You can read details at these links:




I’m including content shortlinks to encourage tweeting, Facebooking and any method of sharing to spread the word.

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