Friday Feb 23
The Best Damn 802.11ac Channel Allocation Graphics, Ever
Updated on Tuesday, 5 November 2013 11:23

As I was writing a series of wireless articles recently, I searched for graphics. I wanted a graphic that could show the 802.11 5GHz channels, clearly denote DFS frequencies while correctly noting the Dopplar-avoidance rules, visually show channel width options and also included the newly-added 802.11ac channel. My requirements for this graphic were apparently too demanding.

After rummaging through 8 graphics I liked, I came to a startling realization- none of them were 100% complete or accurate. And, frankly, most were hideously ugly. Hugly, very hugly, the lot of them. In any event, more importantly they were wrong. I’m pretty split between left- and right-brain so I unlocked my long-lost graphic design skills and set about making a new custom (accurate) set of 802.11ac channel graphics. Let the right brain flow!

I present these here for general use. Feel free to use the graphics, I just ask you retain the (c) In return I ask that you a) do not ask me why I chose purple. I like purple; don’t judge me, b) let me know if you see anything that needs to be corrected, c) do not modify and mangle these beauties, and d) do not be sad these are North American-only channels. With a little assistance I may be able to expand and give you other regions.

Graphic showing full allocated space for 802.11ac


Graphic showing the 802.11ac channels with DFS excluded


Graphic summarizing channel availability in 802.11ac


For authors, editors, bloggers and manufacturers; if you use any of the graphics, feel free to post a link to your content here and share with the crowd!

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