I have a note to all network hardware vendors…

Dear network vendor,

As someone that is forced to configure and implement security on your hardware, I would greatly appreciate stable code and properly functioning features. Unfortunately, I cannot always choose the hardware my customers are using in their infrastructure. However, if you would like for me to recommend they continue purchasing and using it, then the product must demonstrate to me that it is: capable, reliable, predictable and well-documented. If your product is not meeting these requirements, I’m forced to recommend other solutions to your (current) customer.

Stable Code. If I have to spend 2-6 hours per implementation working through your product’s bugs, and then must either spend time on a support call or spend time getting packet captures to prove to you it’s not working, I am not a happy camper because you’re slowing down my progress. Your customer is not happy because they’re paying for that time and I’m not cheap.

Features. Don’t publish in technical documentation that your product, or code can do something, only for me to find out later that it cannot. On-site in the middle of an implementation is not the time to architect Plan B. Let me know before, either through technical docs, white papers, best practices or release notes. I do read those. If you want to bend the truth, do it the marketing fluff, not my technical documents.

Documentation. If your product does do what you say it does, then please do document and explain the concepts and procedures. Examples are good, but explanations are mandatory. A correct CLI reference is always lovely as well. If there are got’chas or tricks, please also document those. Again, white papers or release notes are fine. Having to track down the one security engineer from your company that holds the magic key is not practical, nor scalable. Plus, he may be on vacation during my install, which would make me irate.

Support. If your product is not functioning or performing as expected, do NOT expect your customers to have a current maintenance contract to address a known issue or bug (or an un-known issue or bug for that matter). If they found a bug for you, you should probably give them a maintenance contract for a year… or two. If you don’t let us call support, I will find one of your pre-sales engineers and we will use him or her for post-sales support, which is not what you want them to do. But that’s your problem, not mine.

I believe that sums up the major issues. Specifically, I am interested in security, RADIUS, SSH, SNMP, DHCP and 802.1X functions. Before you add another bell or tweak another whistle, please make what you have works… consistently. That should be first, so it’s my Feature Request #1.



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Author, speaker, and recognized authority on network and wireless security architectures, Jennifer (JJ) Minella helps organizations solve technical problems and align teams.

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  • Wow…
    This post has quite a few folks stirred up. Some of the conversations I’ve had today and late last night have been really entertaining- I wish those folks had posted their comments here to share, but I understand why they chose not to.

    In any event, to all the integrators out there, and even to the manufacturers- I hope this has brought a bit of entertainment to your day…

    (And yes I am serious. My post may be humorous to you, but it’s certainly no joke!)