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In addition to our Black Hat Blogging time between now and early August, I’m declaring June ‘Ask JJ’ month. I frequently get questions emailed from readers, either in response to a previous post, or with questions on a new subject. It occured to me that others probably have the same questions, so I figured a month of Q&A free-for-all would be a fun way to address all those burning IT and security questions you’ve been bottling up inside…

The plan is to collect questions in June and post replies in July, or perhaps in earlier if I can manage to squeeze in a few extra hours in the day.

What to ask? Whatever YOU want to know about- just ask! If you read my blog, you know my specialties are in network security, NAC and 802.1X as well as general networking and standards and wireless technologies and security. You can ask about a technology, a product, a vendor, even my ‘opinion’, if you really want to hear that.

You can ask other stuff too… If it strikes my fancy and I think it’s interesting enough, I’ll research it and get an answer, or perhaps invite a guest expert to respond. And if it’s not so interesting I may just ignore it, so be prepared for that too.

How to ask? Oh we’re full of options here. Either post a reply/comment to this topic, or use the email form on my blog at www.SecurityUncorked.com to submit a request by email. You can include your name and/or contact info or not- up to you.

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  • A quick summary of the different NAC vendors, good and bad points, etc. I hear with Cisco’s endpoint NAC you need all cisco switches, cisco ACS, etc. Is that true?

    What switches do you need for MS NAC?

    How about Symantec?

    Are there big differences function-wise?

    How about NAC coupled with remote access, e.g. Cisco VPN’s NAC or Microsoft’s IAG?