Well, we may just have the first ‘official’ dedicated 802.1X Training.

We may not… but after extensive Google searches, all I’ve been able to find are white papers, implementation guides and some classroom training on wireless security with mention of 802.1X.

I’ve done a *lot* of presentations over the past couple of years on 802.1X and related technologies, including a half-day technology review workshop. After some customer and integrator interest, I’ve turned the half-day training into an outline and materials for a 2-3 day full 802.1X immersion course.

The basic syllabus includes the technology overview, history, exploration of 802.1X components, a delve into selection criteria and interoperability and sections on the use of 802.1X in NAC and 802.1X in Wireless. Optional sections are available, such as the ‘EAP Dissection’ for those packet pinchers that want to ‘see’ it all. The syllabus can also be custom-configured to include vendor-specific training and even hands-on labs.

Is this the first true 802.1X training? Who knows… but we’ll see how it goes!

Training is scheduled and provided through Carolina Advanced Digital (CAD).

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