So, maybe you’re a swinging chad or a tri-chad, and have several blogs you want to vote for? That’s fine. Just don’t be as indecisive as a pregnant chad- nobody likes a pregnant chad. 

Background on chads
When a chad is not fully detached from the ballot it is described by various terms corresponding to the level of indentation. The following terms generally apply when describing a four-cornered chad:

  • Hanging chad are attached to the ballot at only one corner.
  • Swinging chad are attached to the ballot at two corners.
  • Tri-chad are attached to the ballot at three corners.
  • Pregnant or dimpled chad are attached to the ballot at all four corners, but bear an indentation indicating the voter may have intended to mark the ballot. (Sometimes pregnant is used to indicate a greater mark than dimpled.)

Well in any event, swinging, hanging, dimpled or pregnant – we want your vote!

What are the Social Security Awards?

Well, somewhere between Mojito number 6 and Cigar number 2 last year, Alan Shimel thought up a great idea to have awards for members of the official Security Bloggers Network. Our idea to call them the ‘ASS’ (Awards for Social Security) was shot down, so they shall henceforth be known as ‘SSA’ Social Security Awards. And who better to carry out Alan’s visions of insanity than Jen Leggioand original meetup hosts Rich Mogull and Martin McKeay. The awards are happening during the private SBN Meetup during RSA.


  • Best Security Podcast
    Who is the voice you listen to week after week?
  • Best Technical Security Blog
    Who is digging deeper than anyone else?
  • Best Corporate Security Blog
    Which vendor’s contributing the most to the blogosphere?
  • Best Non-Technical Security Blog
    Who’s got the best 30,000 view?
  • Most Entertaining Security Blog
    Who keeps you riveted? Or who makes you laugh?

Yooohrrrr Jooooudges

(In my worst English accent. If you watch So You Think You Can Dance, you’ll get the joke)

  • Brian Krebs, Washington Post
  • Bill Brenner, CSO Magazine
  • Kelly Jackson-Higgins, Dark Reading
  • Dennis Fisher, TechTarget
  • Jeremiah Owyang, Forrester Research

Nominate Now!

As usual I’m behind schedule. Current estimates based on backlog of blogs is that I’m behind ~ 3.2 months. Nominations need to be in by next Tuesday, March 31st. I know, I only gave you 5 days to do it. That’s fine- it will only take you 5 minutes, so that shouldn’t be an issue ;)

Who to nominate for what? Well that’s up to you. Obviously I would love your vote! I tried to talk them into a category for ‘Best NAC and Wireless Security Blog by a Blonde North Carolinian’, but that didn’t fly. I figured that might narrow it down enough that I could win one category, but alas, my plan was thwarted. So the categories I could qualify for are:

  • Best Technical Security Blog
  • Best Non-Technical Security Blog
  • Most Entertaining Security Blog

I would highly recommend checking out the rest of the SBN Network at and seeing if any other members’ work catch your eye and deserve a nomination. (Note, due to a Lijit complication, my content is not being published on the SBN feed at this time).

Get Started

Between now and Tuesday, March 31st go to 
Select your nominations for one or more categories (above)
Important: All 3 fields must be completed

  1. Blog URL  (mine is
  2. Blog Name  (mine is Security Uncorked)
  3. Reason  (you’re on your own here, but put something!)


The winners will be awarded an assortment of ASS… err.. SSA awards. If WE win (because you’ve nominated the blog) then I’m going to give away the big prize– the Maxtor BlackArmor Portable Hard Drive– the FIRST hardware-based full disk encryption drive with 320GB. I’m sure they have other fun and quirky prizes in store, but the FDE external drive is one hot little number!

# # #


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