If you’re here in sunny Las Vegas with us this week for Interop, stop on by the NAC panel this afternoon, 2:00pm Pacific Wednesday, May 20th. As the only non-vendor participant on the panel, it is my duty to keep the vendors in line, harass them and challenge their thoughts on the technologies and standards. I feel I can at least deliver on one of my assigned duties; I can certainly harass them all. ;) It should be fun…

Session information from Interop.com

Network Access Control – Is It Ready For Prime Time?

Network access control (NAC) has been offered as the “Swiss Army knife” of IT security solutions. It promises to provide authentication, policy enforcement, identity and access management, ongoing security for the life of a connection, seamless usage in any NAC-enabled network, in addition to many other capabilities. If NAC is the answer, then what are the right questions to ask? This session will provide a realistic perspective on what NAC can and cannot provide in regards to information security. Concepts that will be discussed will include an update on vendor interoperability and standards; case studies of successful and not-so-successful implementations; an overview of what NAC truly can and cannot provide; discussion of both network and application requirements; and what the future holds for NAC.

ModeratorMike Fratto, Managing Editor, Labs, Information Week

SpeakerAlok Agrawal, Manager, Product Marketing, Cisco
SpeakerJennifer Jabbusch, CISO, Network Security Specialist, CAD, Inc.
SpeakerKhaja Ahmed, Windows Networking Security, Microsoft
SpeakerMauricio Sanchez, Chief Security Architect, HP ProCurve Networking
SpeakerStephen Hanna, Distinguished Engineer, Juniper Networks
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