I think I’ve waited an appropriate amount of time to post this. I don’t want to implicate the exact hotel, but here’s another security fail to share with you all on this lovely holiday weekend…

Several weeks ago I walked in to a major chain hotel around 9:00 or 10:00pm. When I approached the front desks (there was a grouping of them) I wasn’t met with a hotel receptionist. I was greeted instead with what seemed to be the entire hotel guest list printed (in alphabetical order by surname) and left on the top of the counter.

It took several mintes (specfically, just over four minutes) for a hotel representative to realize I was there and come from an office they were tucked into somewhere behind the desks. I didn’t mind the extra wait, it gave me time to look over the list, giggle and even take some photos. One of which is provided in a blurred format below. (And no, there was no two-way mirror giving them a view to the front check in.)

This post and the “What’s Your Preferred Internet Password?”  post are a tribute to Johnny Long and the Security FAIL image project.


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