I’ve found a new inventive way to keep the boys out of my lab area.

Meet Lab Barbie. Lab Barbie comes in a variety of styles. This photo is of SRX Barbie, beautifully clad in a pink taffeta gown and lovingly enjoying her new Juniper devices. Doesn’t she look smashing!

My friend Shelby sums it up best:

Cost of extremely pink Barbie – $5
Cost of work time placing Barbie in just the right position – $20
Keeping boys out of your highly efficient space – PRICELESS

SRX Barbie: Firewall princess

Look for more Lab Barbie shots as they take their places to defend my development and testing areas.

Please do not confuse Lab Barbie with Security Barbie. They’re different people.

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  • IS this some evolution of RITA (rfc2321)?

    In section 3.1 we can read:

    Testing is performed by placing the RITA unit on top of a suspect piece of hardware, or, in the case of software, placing the unit on a packaged copy of the program, or hard copy of the source code.

    If the RITA does not get up and fly away, the hardware or software being tested is misconfigured, fubar, or broken as designed.

  • LOVE this list contained in the “security barbie” link, above.

    1. Are you a convicted (or potentially to be convicted in the future) felon?

    2. Do you have a sense of humor?

    3. Do you laugh at yourself often in the funny, not pathetic way?

    4. Finnish this sentence: PC Load Letter _________

    5. Do you drive a Buick?

    6. Please say the first 5 curse words you can think of

    7. If you had to pick one, what would you be?

    a. Ninja

    b. Jedi

    c. Pirate

    8. If you had a super-power, what would it be, and why?

    9. How many push-ups can you do? Now prove it!

    10. Did you find this list of questions demeaning in any way?