Today, Low Tech Hacking materializes in ink and paper.

Well, it’s finally “real”. Until now, this book has existed only as a flurry of emails, phone calls and Word documents immersed in a sea of highlighting. Today, Low Tech Hacking materializes in ink and paper.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Low Tech Hacking, now shipping!

You can order your copy at Amazon for about $30, links are below. If you pre-ordered a copy, yours should be on the way today.

Low Tech Hacking
Low Tech Hacking

As most of you probably know, although I’ve written numerous articles, white papers and guides, this is my first contribution in authoring a book.

You’ll find my work in the introduction, with an overview of each chapter, and in Chapter 4 Low Tech Wireless Hacking, offering nearly 50 pages of juicy wireless hacking fun.

I am so honored to have worked on this piece with such great people, especially our lead author and friend, Jack Wiles. I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Jack and the team at Syngress/Elsevier Publishing.

In reviewing and editing other chapters, I enjoyed the great content from our co-authors, Terry Gudaitis, Russ Rogers and Sean Lowther. I learned a lot myself reading the book, and hope you do too!

Go ahead, order your copy today, and remember we LOVE feedback, so please return to Amazon to write a review once you’ve read the book. If you do write a review on Amazon, I think Jack and I can work out some prize for your efforts. We’ll have to figure out what that is… suggestions?

P.S. I really hope you enjoy it!

Low Tech Hacking
ISBN: 1597496650

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Social Engineering: The ultimate low tech hacking threat
Chapter 2: Low tech vulnerabilities: Physical security
Chapter 3: More about locks and ways to low tech hack them
Chapter 4: Low tech wireless hacking
Chapter 5: Low tech targeting and surveillance: How much could they find out about you?
Chapter 6: Low tech hacking for the penetration tester
Chapter 7: Low tech hacking and the law: Where can you go for help?
Chapter 7: Information security awareness training: Your most valuable countermeasure to employee risk

Chapter 4: Low tech wireless hacking

  • Wireless 101: The electromagnetic spectrum
  • 802.11 and Bluetooth low tech hacks
  • DoS and availability
  • Backdoors and cracks
  • Going rogue
  • Assault by defaults
  • Bypassing specific security tools


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