BYOX is my new buzzronym. Handling BYOD and the consumerization of technology is one of the hottest topics this year. Here are your resources for BYOD at RSA Conference and beyond.

BYOX is my new buzzronym. Here are your resources for BYOX at the RSA Conference and beyond.

Bring your own X, where X equals “device”, “technology” or “new mobile gadget of the day”, is a hot topic for organizations of all types; government, education and of course commercial enterprise. The advantages and disadvantages of BYOD are numerous, and in many cases CXOs are finding the pros and cons nullify one another, creating an environment of strong emotions, steadfast opinions and a thunderstorm of debate.

A handful of organizations, large and small, have begun tackling the onslaught of BYOD in their environments. And, in the coming months, it’s anticipated that many more companies across the world will be hosting political, legal and technical discussions to address this growing trend.

This year at the RSA Conference, I’ll be hosting the BYOD Peer2Peer session “Doubts, Dreads and Decisions: Dealing with BYOD in the Enterprise” Thursday afternoon. I expect the session will a hit, and with a limit of just 20 participants in the P2Ps, we’ll probably have a packed room. As with all my P2Ps and roundtables, I’ll be providing attendees with a resource guide. Several of you have reached out to ask if I can make that available to all readers, and the answer is “absolutely.”

Between now and RSA, and probably beyond, I’ll be posting resources, summaries, links to research and surveys, and of course a guide to finding BYOD topics at RSA.

If you’ve seen a good BYOD resource, please email me from the contact page, or post a link and comment here, to share with other readers.

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