Are you looking for the best BYOD content at the 2012 RSA Conference? If so, here's a list of events and sessions to add to your agenda.

Are you looking for the best BYOD content at the 2012 RSA Conference? If so, here’s a list of events and sessions to add to your agenda.

Thursday, March 1st, I’ll be hosting the Peer2Peer session on BYOD in the enterprise. Details on that are below, along with other sessions with BYOD content. They’re listed here in chronological order. Twitter handles for people or organizations have been provided (as best I could find them, anyway).

BYOD-Specific Sessions

1. BYOD(evice) without BYOI(nsecurity)

Session: HOT-107 (Hot Topics Track)
Speakers:    Dan Houser*, Security & Identity Architect, Cardinal Health Inc (@SecWonk, @cardinalhealth)
                     Daniel DeSantis, Security Specialist, Cisco (@chuckthefrog)
                     Goran Avramov, Senior Infrastructure Architect, Cardinal Health Inc (@cardinalhealth)
                     Nasrin Rezai, CTO Security, WW Security Architectures, Cisco
Time: Tuesday, February 28, 2:40 PM, 50 minutes in Room 132

Overview:  The session presents the real life drama of running a BYOPC program without neutering security. As your workforce transitions to a mobile workforce, how do you meet the imperative while providing a reasonable security posture? Two Fortune 100 companies share their on-the-ground experience implementing secure Bring Your Own PC and mobile computing programs.

2. Mobile Devices: Does BYOD Spell RISK (m86 Security)

Session: BC-06  (Briefing Center Track)
Time: Tuesday, February 28, 4:30 PM, 30 minutes
Tweet: @M86Security

: Mobile devices are a necessity for today’s enterprise. Employees use their own or company-provided phones, tablets and laptops to stay connected to work at all hours and from any location. And while mobility increases employee productivity, it also poses significant security challenges for an IT department. Attend this session to understand the essential elements of a mobile security strategy and the best practices for securing mobile devices in the workplace. This Briefing Center brought to you by m86 Security.

3. BYOD: Securing Mobile Devices You Don’t Own Panel

Session: MBS-303 (Mobile Security Track)
Moderator:  Kevin Mahaffey, Chief Technology Officer, Lookout (@dropalltables, @lookout)
Panelists:     Mike Convertino, Director, Network Security, Microsoft
                      Alex Stamos, Founding Partner of iSEC Partners, iSEC Partners (@alexstamos, @isecpartners)
                      Jeff Moss, Founder & Director, Blackhat (@thedarktangent, @blackhatevents)
                      William Boni, Corp. Info Security Officer, T-Mobile USA
Time:  Thursday, March 1, 10:40 AM, 50 minutes in Room 305

Overview:  As billions of people around the world use their phones as PCs, hackers are paying attention. In the workplace, personally owned phones and tablets are rapidly becoming the norm, making the tightly-managed PC obsolete. In this panel we’ll discuss issues affecting devices now and in the future as well as what security professionals can do to stay on top in this rapidly changing environment.

 4. Mobile Devices: A Privacy & Security Check-In Panel

Session: LAW-304 (Legal Track)
Moderator:      Demetrios Eleftheriou, Senior Counsel, EMC Corporation (@EMCCorp)
Panelists:          Ashkan Soltani, Consultant,  (@ashk4n)
                           Nicole Ozer, Tech & Civil Liberties Policy Dir., ACLU of N California (@ACLU_NorCal)
                           Rebecca Matthias, Sr. Corp Counsel, Privacy & Data Prot., VMware (@VMWare)
                           Laura Berger, Senior Attorney, Federal Trade Commission (@FTCgov)
Time: Thursday, March 1, 1:00 PM, 50 minutes in Room 131

:  The use of mobile devices can raise an avalanche of privacy and security issues. Our diverse panel of privacy gurus will provide practical suggestions to address some significant privacy and security concerns arising from the use of mobile devices, including: (1) BYOD – bringing your own device to work; (2) location-based technology; (3) privacy disclosures and choice; and (4) the development and use of applications.

5. Doubts, Dread and Decisions: Dealing with BYOD in the Enterprise P2P

Session: P2P-306A (Peer2Peer Track)
Moderator:  Jennifer Jabbusch Minella, CISO, Infrastructure Security Specialist, CAD, Inc. (@jjx, @CADinc)
Time:  Thursday, March 1, 3:20 PM, 50 minutes in Room 110

: With the consumerization of wireless and networked devices, the concept of BYOD (bring your own device) has most enterprise security teams scrambling for guidance. In this P2P session, attendees will exchange ideas on integrating unmanaged and personal devices in the enterprise environment, and discuss ways to secure assets, protect resources, manage use and create policies to govern it all.

6. CYA in a BYOD World Panel

Session: SECT-401
Moderator: Philippe Winthrop, Managing Dir, The Enterprise Mobility Foundation
Panelists:      Rob Greer, VP, Endpoint and Mobility, Symantec Corporation (@symantec)
                        Robert Smith, CTO, Mobile Active Defense (@MobileActiveD)
                        Ahmed Datoo, Chief Product Management & Marketing Officer, Zenprise (@Zenprise_Inc)
Time:  Friday, March 2, 9:00 AM, 50 minutes in Room 310
Overview: Mobile is recasting the IT landscape just like the PC did two decades ago. The invasion of smart phone and tablet personal devices (Bring Your Own Device – BYOD) into the enterprise has made secure mobile device management a top IT priority. The challenge begins at the device level and then extends into securing data, provisioning applications and managing application access to corporate resources. This panel will discuss challenges, options and tradeoffs around applying appropriate management and security policy controls to enable the new BYOD world.

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