Saturday Jan 20
Be Famous- Share Words of Wisdom with RSA
Updated on Wednesday, 22 February 2012 11:46

Everyone has heard or given advice that has impacted his or her life… will you share yours?

RSA Conference invites you to tell them the best advice you’ve ever received, heard or given. It can be information security related, personal, poignant or just plain funny.

They say anything goes; I guess we’ll see!

If they like it, your entry may appear on the RSA Conference websites, on-site during keynote sessions, or even on digital messaging screens. You’ll be (almost) famous. You can even attach a photo to your words of wisdom. This could prove interesting.

So, how do you participate? Either:

The deadline is now February 29th, so get movin’! I know you people, and you all have some smartass, I mean, smart comments to share. Go for it.

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