The Security Bloggers Party
Wednesday, April 9th, 6:00-8:00pm

I met so many people, I hate to even begin to start naming names… first, because I’m horrible at remembering names and secondly, I’m sure I’d forget to include someone.

It was a blast and it was PACKED. In fact, the only thing I could have wished for was more seating. After running around RSA day and night for 3 days in 3” and 4” heels, my toesies were tired.  

Some names you may recognize- I did see CMP’s Mike Fratto, Bruce Schneier, SC Magazine’s Illena Armstrong, Network World columnist Andreas Antonopoulos (please let me have spelled that correctly), George Ou, eWeek’s Ryan Nariane, Network World writer Mitchell Ashley,  Todd Hooper CEO of Napera, Ryan Russell and Amrit Williams from BigFix, Stacy Thayer of the one and only SOURCEBoston, Augusto Barros, Dan O’Neill, Jack Daniel, Apneet Jolly, no show would be complete without Chris Hoff  and of course we have to not miss Alan Shimel  (how can you miss Alan?), Rich Mogull and blogger and world-wide famous podcaster Martin McKeay

More-than-honorable mention goes to miss Jennifer Leggio, blogger, PR queen and planner extraoirdinaire.

We started off with a warm welcome by the sponsors and team. I was already a Guinness into it, but I believe Rich, Alan and Martin all had a word. The next couple of hours flew by as we met-n-mingled. During the party, Rich and Martin had the live streaming video running and were pulling victims over for beer-laden interviews. I did get sucked into the trap- 3 of them ganged up on me and dragged me over- but luckily the first hour or so ran live but didn’t record, so there’s no proof of our silly ramblings.

Somehow the majority of our blogger mass managed to stay together and hang out for a continuation of the party at a variety of San Francisco hot spots. I couldn’t begin to tell you where all we went. There were a couple more RSA parties, we got yelled at for having cigars at one point, I couldn’t seem to find a taxi at another, and finally we made it to the W (I think).

I’m certainly impressed by the caliber of our members and the passion we all share. I’ll certainly be keeping in touch with many of these folks for a long time to come!

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