Well, it’s that time of year! Black Hat Las Vegas is just around the corner and the Security Blogger Network is all a-buzz. For the time being, we’re donning the cloak and dagger-like logo and will be focusing blogging and tweeting efforts toward BH.

From Alan

The Security Bloggers Network is proud to announce that we have formed an alliance with the folks at Black Hat. As part of the alliance, the SBN (with almost a 150 blogs and over 50,000 combined subscribers) is now the official bloggers network for Black Hat!  To the left is the new logo that member sites can display between now and the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas, August 2-7, 2008.

Besides just the name and logo change, we have some other cool joint activities planned with the Black Hat folks.  Starting shortly we are going to pick a Black Hat topic of the week, based upon a briefing scheduled for Black Hat and we are going to ask the SBN members to blog on that topic.  With over 150 blogs, we should cover these topics from many different angles.  It should also create some buzz around the various briefings. 

For more information on the Security Bloggers Network temporary morph, please check out Alan’s recent post.

Be on the lookout for more Black Hat Blogging soon!

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