Per requests, and as part of the ‘ask JJ’ responses, I’ve been working on a couple of blog post series for you.

I’m juggling blog-moving with blog-posting and trying to find the happy medium. Coming soon though, are two NAC/1X series I hope you’ll enjoy…

NAC Vendor Sauce Series: Fishing out Features
Each NAC solution on the market has it’s own special NAC ‘sauce’ , a feature that sets it apart, or makes it better for certain situations, than others. This series highlights the advantages of each solution and includes Juniper, Cisco, Symantec, Enterasys, ProCurve, StillSecure, Napera along with a few others. 

802.1X Vulnerabilities: Designing for Security
Often, users put too much stake in 802.1X, relying on it too heavily in many circumstances. There are vulnerabilities with 1X, but most can be mitigated or avoided with smart planning. This series describes various vulnerabilities with 802.1X, gives you details on each and provides information on how to protect yourself from them. To get started, check out my 802.1X Technology Primer.

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