The first major conference I’ll be speaking at in 2009 is the Infosec World 2009, put on by Misti and surrounded by a host of additional summits, trainings and workshops.

Infosec World Conference 2009
March 7-13 in Orlando, FL

The presentation I’m doing is “Network Access Protection and Network Access Control: Why Together They’re Better“, session F6 on Tuesday, March 10th at 1:30pm. It’s a 90-minute session that covers  the following bullet points (provided by the track chair) and a few other ‘choice’ bullet points of my own.  ;)  The original speaker selected the topic title and key points. I’m keeping with the topic, but could really argue this both ways, so it will be an interesting session.
• The intersection of NAC and NAP
• Understanding current security flaws in NAP
• Step-by-step discussion of how integrating NAC with NAP offers a more complete strategy
• Leveraging NAP: best practices on installation and potential pitfalls

This will be my first talk as a 30-something year old, since my birthday is just a few days before the conference. Wish me luck… I may have a panic attack or some instance of juvenile regression and start sucking my thumb. Okay, probably not, but it will be entertaining none the less. Since my birthdate is plastered all over every social networking site out there, I might as well tell you- I turn 30 on March 6th, 2009. There you have it. And to the drunk guy from Defcon last year – there it is again, have fun.

Other bloggers, speakers and security twits you may know. Rich Mogull ( will be there as well as Mike Rothman ( Of note also, author/journalist/director Simon Singh, Howard Schmidt and a man that needs no introduction, Dr. Whitfield Diffie. A nice lineup if you ask me.

Also don’t miss the SANS workshops and trainings, including Paul Asadoorian’s hands-on Wireless Intrusion Detection Tactics workshop March 5th from 6:00pm-9:00pm. For more information on that SANS workshop, visit Paul’s site. And it looks like it’s only $100.. can that be right? If so, what a great deal!

About Infosec World (in their words)
Featuring Practitioner-Driven Sessions From Industry-Leading Companies
InfoSecWorld 2009 will deliver over 100 sessions, dozens of case studies, multiple tracks (including a brand-new, hands-on hacking techniques track delivered by The SANS Institute), 15 in-depthworkshops, 2 co-located summits and over 140 exhibitors! With the primary objective of providing top-notch education to all levels of information security professionals

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  • Can you please share your presentation on “Network Access Protection and Network Access Control: Why Together They’re Better“?