I have a little request to all my blog readers. Hey, I don’t ask for much, but here’s a little favour I’d like to ask of you, since you’re most likely interested or involved in network security, NAC or 802.1X technologies.

My good friend, colleague, managing editor and lab director Mike Fratto has posted questions for the Information Week 2009 NAC Survey. I’d like to ask all of you involved in, evaluating, implementing or thinking about NAC to take a few moments and complete the survey (link is at the bottom) by Thursday, March 5th.

Okay, so it’s not really quite a ‘quick’ survey. It’s not terribly long though; maybe 10-15 minutes. For your efforts, you will be eligible to win an iPod Touch (I love mine). Please take it, start it, finish it. Don’t stop half-way through, that doesn’t help. No, really. I know you do it – I do too – but please complete it. The questions are extremely well thought-out and the responses will provide a great map for us all.

This is a survey by the publication, not a vendor. Results are provided in aggregate form. Your answers to these questions help us as an industry understand the collective expectations, needs and thoughts about NAC and related technologies.

When you can take 10 minutes to unwrap your mind from everything, the survey can be found at: http://informationweek.networkaccesscontrol2009.sgizmo.com  < Complete Survey by March 5th

Thanks in advance and I hope you’ll take a quick mental break from the daily bustle to help us with this!

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