Hello everyone and happy 2010. I owe you all a few updates and they’re coming; I promise. I’ve been tied up with work, the holidays, miscellaneous house tasks and quite a bit of cooking, believe it or not!

I did want to take a minute and let you all know I’m hosting a Peer 2 Peer session at RSA on NAC and endpoint security. It’s going to be a lively session; most of you know I don’t exactly hold back on my opinions in this area. No media is allowed, so I can’t be mis-quoted and get my hand slapped.

The other exciting thing I’m happy to share is that during this session, I’ll be releasing my Universal NAC Evaluation Framework document. This document has been a closely-guarded resource here in our office and I never intended to publish it publicly. However, after the release of the whitepaper, Catching the Unicorn: A technical exploration of why NAC is failing, several people have reached out and asked to have the framework document made available. I decided releasing it at the RSA session would be ideal; it will go to a a small group of people who exhibit a strong interest in the topic.

I’m certainly looking forward to RSA and this session in particular. P2Ps are a great way to share, learn, listen and contribute in a conversational way that’s more useful to most audiences.

Watch out – the Peer 2 Peers sessions are LIMITED to 25 ATTENDEES.

Session Title:  Endpoint Security and Network Access Control in the Real World 

Session Code:  P2P-204B

Scheduled Date/Time:  Wednesday, March 3 1:00 PM

Session Abstract:  While current solutions have proven difficult to implement in the real world, the need for access control and network security continues to grow. Join this Peer2Peer session for a lively discussion of real world case studies, an exploration of technical roadblocks and a dive into vendor-specific solutions. Participants will be given a copy of the host’s proprietary Universal NAC Evaluation Framework document to reference and evaluate various technologies and solutions at a technical level.

Facilitator:  Jennifer Jabbusch CISO, Network Security Specialist, CAD, Inc.

Save $600: Information on RSA discounts, and a speaker discount code you can use. [PRMSU4939FDZ] 

About RSA Peer 2 Peer Sessions: Peer2Peer sessions are limited to 25 people who share a common interest and want to discuss or learn more about a particular security issue. The sessions are interactive and moderated by someone who knows the subject at hand and also can keep the conversation flowing. No PowerPoint allowed! Admission is first-come, first-serve so make sure you get there early.

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