In addition to the oh-so-exciting session I’m hosting, several friends and colleagues are hosting other sessions at RSA 2010 you don’t want to miss. 

What other sessions are on your ‘don’t miss’ list? 

My don’t-miss sessions at RSA 2010

Monday, March 1st

  • SEM-004, TCG Workshop: Come Participate in the Industry’s First International Security Playground!, March 1st, 11:00AM TCG

Tuesday, March 2nd

  • SIP-106, Meet the Wizards: Behind the Industry Threat Reports, March 2, 1:00PM Alex Hutton and others
  • STAR-106, Security “Groundhog Day” – Third Time’s a Charm, March 2, 1:00PM Mike Rothman, Martin McKeay, Rich Mogull, Dave Lewis, Ronald Woerner
  • NMS-107, Secure Virtual Networking: An Oxymoron?, March 2, 2:30 PM Paul Congdon
  • P2P-107B, Selecting the Right SIEM Solution, Peer2Peer, March 2, 3:40PM Andrew Hay
  • EXP-108, Winnovation- Security Zen through Disruptive Innovation and Cloud Computing, March 2, 3:40PM Christopher Hoff & Rich Mogull 

Wedensday, March 3rd

  • SIP-202, Windows, Linux & Mac: Vendor Claims vs Vulnerability Data, March 3, 9:10AM Jeffrey Jones
  • SPO1-202, A New Frontier of Unprotected Data – PCI Implications for Cloud Computing, March 3, 9:10AM Ward Spangenberg and others
  • P2P-203B, Risk Management: Getting Engaged, Peer2Peer, March 3, 10:40AM Kevin Riggins
  • P2P-204B, Endpoint Security and Network Access Control in the Real World, Peer2Peer, March 3, 1:00PM Jennifer Jabbusch
  • HT2-204, Detecting “Certified Pre-owned” Software and Devices, March 3, 1:00PM Chris Wysopal
  • Security Bloggers Meetup, Wednesday Evening

Thursday, March 4th

  • PROF-301, Security Outliers: Cultural Cues For Success from High-Risk Professions, March 4, 8:00AM Christophe Veltsos & Gal Shpantzer
  • RR-301, Tales from the Cyber Front: How Shawn Carpenter Exposed Titan Rain, March 4, 8:00AM Richard Stiennon
  • P2P-304A, Security Posture: Wading Through the Hype… , Peer2Peer, March 4, 1:00PM Mike Rothman 

Friday, March 5th

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