I’m surprised and flattered that among the hundreds of SBN members, my blog was nominated with four others for a Social Security Award for 2010. Although I was at first a little befuddled by the non-technical category, I’m honestly just honored to be placed alongside the likes of ThreatPost, Schneier, Tao and Krebs. In addition to the ‘Best Non-Technical Security Blog’ there are four other categories and awards for bloggers and podcasters.

Although I cannot possibly expect to win against this line-up, the nomination has prompted me to refocus on my own blog and writing in hopes that I can deliver content that’s as useful to readers as my favorite sites are to me! And yes, I’m voting for my own blog (if I can) so I have at least one notch on my scorecard. ;)

Instead of repeating the details of it all, I’m including information from Alan’s original post announcing the winners/nominees.

After a bit of a *ahem* learning process last year, they’ve changed the voting and nomination process. I think ballots went out to all SBN network members today and winners (as last year) will be announced at the RSA Official Security Bloggers Meetup.

OK for the first time in public, here are the finalists for the 2010 Social Security Blogger Awards! The finalists were chosen by our blue ribbon panel of judges (Mike Fratto, Bill Brenner, Kelly Jackson-Higgins and Larry Walsh). The members of the Security Bloggers Network will be receiving ballots shortly with the names of the finalists and they will cast the deciding votes for who this years lucky winners are. So without further delay, the finalists are:

Best Technical Security Blog
SANS Internet Storm Center
Evil Bytes by John Sawyer
Praetorian Prefect
Frequency X ISS blog

Best Non-Technical Security Blog
Security Uncorked
Schneier on Security
Krebs on Security

Best Security Podcast
SANS ISC Stormcast
An Information Security Place
CSO Security Insights
Security Catalyst

Best Corporate Security Blog
Jeremiah Grossman (White Hat Security)
Sophos Graham Cluley Blog
Microsoft Security Response Center
Fortiguard Blog
Cisco Security Blog

Most Entertaining Security Blog
Rational Survivability by Chris Hoff
Security Incite by Mike Rothman
Uncommon Sense Security by Jack Daniel
SecBarbie by Erin Jacobs
Emergent Chaos by Adam Shostack and ensemble

What an all star list of finalists. Each and every blog and podcast on this list are deserving of winning. It is a testament to the quality and quantity of blogs that the security industry has spawned. Congratulations to each and every one of them. May the best blogs win!

As Alan did, I too want to point out a few blogs and podcasts that did not make the finalists because they were not eligible, though they were nominated. These are (in my opinion) some of the best content in the network, but are ineligible due to their participation in the nomination process.

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